April 25th

When Good Texts Go Bad

  • Joe: Me and you are gonna start a podcast!
  • JaKe: We are? AWESOME!
  • Joe: About words!
  • JaKe: My favorite! Can we call it "Word on the Street"?
  • Joe: I think we better.
  • JaKe: LoL what made you think of this?
  • Joe: troy the world
  • (seconds later)
  • Joe: Jess and I always have really interesting convos about word connotation and etymology and thought it would be fun to include you, record (a podcast) and des
  • JaKe: LoL. Yeeees I love it. Also the second part of that text arrived first and it said "troy the world." I was very confused.
  • Joe: Lol... that too. Trojan horse style.
  • JaKe: (quoting Weezy) Safer than abstinence?
  • Jess: They won't even see it coming!
  • Joe: LoL
20100425 @ 1437
February 23rd

Random shit (literally)

  • Matthew:
  • lmao
  • ben and I keep doing OC jokes
  • JaKe:
  • lol
  • i wanna watch it really bad
  • Matthew:
  • my favorite is just saying "two more things" really dramaticly
  • Matthew:
  • (as seen in the first scene of the first episode)
  • i literally now just wait for ben to say the word "things"
  • JaKe:
  • how is it
  • that the car slams into a post on the passenger side
  • where ryan is sitting
  • he is untouched and his brother
  • gets a huge gash on his passenger side eyebrow
  • now
  • I know something of crash reconstruction
  • AND some about human anatomy
  • and the only plausible theory is that the impact caused ryan and trey's heads to instantaneously switch for a split second and then switch back
  • its called houdini's law of high speed interaction
  • Matthew:
  • lolololol
  • JaKe:
  • a similar law explains Trey's complete change of corporeal being in season 2
  • Matthew:
  • and marissa's kid sister aging 6 years
  • JaKe:
  • no
  • that happens
  • it's called all girls boarding school
  • it's evolution at its finest
  • competition for mates increases as the number of male mates decreases
  • and the girls change to be able to mate better
  • like frogs changing gender
  • except
  • sexier
  • and slimier
  • Matthew:
  • lol
  • JaKe:
  • I'm saving this chat btw
  • it might be one of our best conversations in years
  • Matthew:
  • i'm sure it is
  • i'll add to the quality by saying that today i had my first bowel movement since my surgery
  • : P:P
  • JaKe:
  • LOL!
  • I'll mark it on the calendar
20100223 @ 2036
January 11th

Hell yes PLiu! HELL… YES…


<3 my favorite mm song! <3

Modest Mouse - Dramamine


20100111 @ 0056
December 29th

I have been diligently working on my lesson plans for “The Secret Society of Linguists” and running Pandora in the background. While mired in my own mind and sussing out the best way to discuss bilabial fricatives, this song came on and pulled my mind to another place. A place where clockwork butlers scuttle like beetles across teak floors gathering tiny bits of mystery and storing them away. Candle light flickers as cool breezes blow through open french doors, swaying thick velvet curtains of the deep crimson. Will-o-wisps glide around women in high cowled collars and billowy gowns of many colors. Sharp dressed men in grey and black pinstripe suits look on, their eyes bespectacled with smoked glass. In the center, and given wide berth, a man and a woman slowly turn like a ballerina in a music box. A single tear falls from her eye and he wipes it away with the back of one finger.

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December 27th

This is what its all about.

20091227 @ 0107
December 21st
and from here the days just grow longer.

and from here the days just grow longer.

20091221 @ 1909
December 17th
20091217 @ 1312
Fire and frost! Working out ideas for xmas presents!

Fire and frost! Working out ideas for xmas presents!

20091217 @ 1045
December 14th

Sure it might be smooshy… but I have a serious love affair with Ingrid’s lyrics.

20091214 @ 2304
December 4th
Artwork by my friend Erin Kendig.

Check out her stuff. It&#8217;s amazing.

Artwork by my friend Erin Kendig.

Check out her stuff. It’s amazing.

20091204 @ 1346
December 2nd

Fair is Foul, and Foul is Fair

Hover through the fog and filthy air. I love the fog. It’s an odd thing I guess considering how much I love the sunshine. But the fog of fall and early spring excite my imagination. The mysteries it holds. Each mundane thing transformed by the mind into gnickets and scrollbegs. Tonight especially with the near full moon lighting the mists a pale grey white. Trees creep out of the darkness. Their long fingers extended shadows. A cats green glowing eyes piercing curtains of fireless smoke. The sounds of your own passing broken and echoed back as the sounds of an army of night time sprites moving to scout the black night. And then home for hot cocoa.

20091202 @ 2215

Parva scintilla saepe magnam flamam excitat

Alot of errant thoughts have been tumbling about my brain recently. Thus the reason for the writing hiatus. Just wasn’t sure where to begin to write. Even now as I sit here at the keyboard I’m not sure what I want to say. Usually something I see or hear or think inspires the idea for a post and the ramblings grow from there. I’m trying for something a little different today. Start with the ramble and see what inspiration transpires.

I’ve been watching alot of Farscape recently. Until they had it on netflix, instant watch is delicious, I had not seen a single episode. I had heard it was good from numerous sources but never had the time nor the material available to view it. Suffice to say I love it. The main character of John Crichton is fun to watch as his myriad encounters with unimaginable aliens and numerous experiences with torture change him from a scientifically minded everyman into a somewhat unhinged protaganist. But it is the character of Aeryn Sun that really twists my heart. Her fierce independence and her pugilistic demeanor layer over the truly good heart she has. She gives herself to those she loves even if that means it might harm her. She is not boastful about doing those things, she just does them because it is, to her, the right thing to do.

It is hard to exist that way. Doing the right thing is never easy. It is made especially difficult when actively doing the right thing will cause ourselves pain. It is like the resetting of a displaced fracture. The pain is necessary to set things right.

For some this idea is anathematic. They feel that there must be some greater personal gain for the action. That the act is only done so that the other will do as the person wishes. In this they are partially correct. There is personal gain. However, the personal gain is in the righteousness of the act. It does not come at a loss to the other. It is done honestly and with purity of intention. Intent not to receive a gain but to give to another. The personal gain is ancillary to the gain of the other. The action is a gift. A gift with no strings attached. A gift given in love for the other with no expectations.

There is more to this thought but I cannot find the paths from here to where it is leading. Whatever that destination might be.

Down which paths do these thoughts send you?

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November 25th
20091125 @ 1551
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November 24th

Every word is truth.

20091124 @ 2001